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Oct 23, 2009

Review of µTorrent

Setup file Size: 282 Kb
Version: 1.8.4
Author(s): Ludvig Strigeus, Serge Paquet
Build Date: September 28,2009
OS Compatibility: Windows and Mac OS X

         µTorrent is an efficient Bit Torrent client. It is also called as micro torrent due to its size (only around 283 kb). It supports all most all the features present in other Bit Torrent clients like, bandwidth scheduling, RSS auto-downloading etc.

        The µTorrent has a most powerful and fascinating feature. Let's consider you have to download a large file say 1 GB. Assume, you are using ADSL whose speed is 128 kbps. Which download accelerator are you going to use? I don't prefer any download accelerator because once the download link is broken then it's no use. You have to download right from the scratch. So, there comes the role of µTorrent. I have never got any message like 'link broken', 'Server Timeout' etc. I downloaded NAV 2009 which took me around 2 weeks to download. It is very easy to use and you can pause and resume anytime. If RSS feeds' URL is provided then it will download the contents automatically. It has its own search bar to explore torrent websites. It is quite helpful. It has its own built-in speed test. It helps to test your network’s actual download speed and upload speed.
      Until and unless it receives seeds and peers it won't start downloading. Sometimes, you might face this kind of problem. I faced this problem twice when I tried to download e-books package. It was around 600 MB. The main problem is that, it didn't receive any seeds from 47 available seeds. I waited for around half an hour but still no sign of downloading. You have find a good and popular tracker if you want to increase the numbers of seeds and peers.
        Therefore, I do not recommend µTorrent where the Internet connection is weak. However, to download large file, it is very good and reliable software.

(Reviewed By Anil Kumal; Edited By Saurav Pokhrel)


  1. how do u get all these info from!!! gud detail...

  2. We are using these softwares. In addition, we are analyzing which one is better for the daily use.

  3. common man, who is going to recommend for those dial-up users to download a file from any torrent sites . And I be that there aren't any ADSL network below 64 kbps speed.

    And now-a-days every torrent downloader supports pause and resume feature. Even Firefox and Opera supports pausing and resuming the download procedure.

    And hey, I don't recommend people to download any file from torrent for the users with 128 kbps speed. utorrent eats whole the bandwidth no matter how much bandwidth you manually allot.

    However 128 kbps speed can be minimum requirement, if you are not going to download GBs of files..

    Anyways incomplete but nice review.

  4. Yes, its true that even firefox and opera supports pausing and resuming the download procedure. But, for how long download is available? after one or two days if u resume the download then u will get 'Link Broken' message..Thats why its not always the better choice to use download managers. Then, finally your option will be utorrent, where you can download anything for long time with pausing and resuming features.

  5. In your review, you've only mentioned about the simple this-and-that feature of utorrent that every torrent downloader posses. The question is how fast the torrent can seek up the information. what is so special about utorrent why it is different from Bittorrent?

    And waiting for half an hour is nothing but a fool act ;).

  6. Thank you Anil for your effort in preparing this review.
    I also agree that you can't always use firefox and opera supports pausing and resuming the download procedure. I have used utorrent and think that utorrent is best for resuming and pausing the download. Also, you can get anything you want in utorrent.

  7. Yea, its true that downloading huge files are always a hectic work but that is why torrents are recommended. huge files are always good to be downloaded by torrent clients. They come in blocks and there is less risk of corrupted files. After all who want to download a large file and know that it is a corrupted file ;)

  8. like utorrent. its easy to download files of large size. and agree wid u no one wants their downloaded files to b corrupted. :)