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Jan 30, 2010

Open Source or Proprietary: Choice remains with User

Recently, I have seen many forums and blogs full with debates about FOSS and proprietary software (especially Microsoft). And some time it has even been personal accusations from both side rather than presenting the facts. It is being taken as war by some. I am neither a FOSS’s preacher nor a Microsoft’s evangelist but for me, both are equally important. Particularly talking, I have used many Windows OSes and many Linux distros and I have found that all OSes have some strong points as well as weak points. Even now I use Windows XP and Linux Mint 7.
Let’s talk about Windows, it is attractive, supports most of the applications and is adorned by gamers. But as every body knows is highly vulnerable to security threats, is full of bloatwares and crashes are frequent. One of the other problems with Windows is that many can’t afford it due to its license cost. FOSSians find that its biggest flaw is the EULA license itself. For them all other problem with Windows are secondary when compared with the License which do not give user any privilege of modifying or just even studying the codes.

Now if we come to Linux distros (most popular OSS), they are open- sourced, very stable and have very low security related problems. But some may find them hard to use, there are compatibility issue with applications running in two different distros. And frankly speaking, hardcore gamers will hate Linux. Another issue with these distros is that they depend heavily on internet. Some will love it, some will hate it. Some will say that you can modify these distros to your need, play with the codes and you are done. But this all do not make any sense to those who are new to Computer Technology.    

In my view there is no need for any foul play or accusations( some would like to call it as war) from both sides. They have to grow side by side. After all, the choice of using softwares and OS remains with the users. It is the users who will determine the future of these software. No one can just force people to use their software or accuse other of stealing their potential customers. And also Open Source and Free Software movement was not a product of revenge against proprietary software manufacturers nor is it a development of someone’s desire to crush Microsoft. It is there to provide people with free and open source product.
So let’s not get personal with any one.
 Live and Let others Live.

[P.S:  I don’t have anything to say to those who think themselves as messiah of any of these companies. If someone has made their life’s aim as to crush the other, then god help them.] 


  1. Even in the IT world there is a lot of competitions and I guess rather than improving on whats wrong they are trying to destroy each other which is the reason for why the development process is rather becoming unstable

  2. ya i think so too. they should try to find their mistakes and fix it. its no good to just brag about how good they are at not making mistakes done by others and forgeting that they are not perfect either.

  3. it's not only in IT it's in politics as well.. and it have been the world culture too.. LOL

  4. Ya, you are of the example can be our own country in that matter...

  5. I thought you will be posting some programming concepts to programming enthusiasts like me....

    Well well. how many types of programming language you'll have to learn in your BIT?

    I am eagerly waiting to see your programming skills ;)

  6. yes i was thinking about posting some programming concepts and the likes..........but i'm so busy right now that i've not got enough time to update my blog. well i will post it as soon as possible.
    and thanks for your enthusiasm and support. :)

  7. i too linux mint 7 and its as good as winxp. Yes the only drawback is that for good games, windows is still the only viable option.