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May 29, 2010

Overheating – The Solutions

Yes I’m back as promised and this time I have bunch of solutions for overheating problems in my hand. Now let’s get to the point straight away. As I’ve discussed in my previous post temperature, dust and dirt are the major factors for overheating. With these simple steps we can reduce overheating by a significant amount:

1. Regular cleaning of the PC and clearing out dusts from the vents and fans helps a lot.
2. Use a cabinet with sufficient inner space and also at least 3 fans, one front fan for intake and two rear fans for exhaust of air.
3. If the room temperature is high, naturally your PC’s temperature will be high. In this case use of Fans and AC are a good option.
4. If you are using a notebook for long hours, use a laptop cooler to keep it cool. Also playing heavy games is not recommended in a notebook as they tend to heats faster while playing games.
5. If you are making a high end gaming rig, opt for water cooling solutions instead of air cooled solutions.
6. Sometime the problem may arise due to lack of application of thermal paste on processor’s surface. If that is the case apply some paste on processor’s surface and also in heat sink’s surface and see the drop in temperature, which is almost 15-20o C.
7. Sometime it may be due to defective parts. In that case, replacing the part the best available option.
8. Lastly if nothing works for you, turn off the PC and hope it won’t heat next time you start the PC.

I hope these points may benefit you and also help you for future reference. I would also like to hear from you all. If you have got any more points to add to the above mentioned points you are most welcome.


  1. updating new hardwares can also be one way to reduce overheating problem.

  2. you have not mentioned anything about hardisk overheating. I think you should add that too in your post.

  3. oh forgot about that. may be i will post it later.
    been a little busy lately.

  4. good article, keep it up and hope to get regular posts from you

  5. I'm trying hard to post regularly but i don't get enough time and also good topics to write about.

  6. Overheating is not such a big problem as compared to core i7 powered notebooks.

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  7. Hard disk over heating is rare. Since defragmentation arranges files in order, regular defragmentation of hard disk helps to get rid of excessive stepper motor rotation.

    Large capacity of RAM also helps in another way to save battery and usage of hard disk.

    Disableling unwanted process is another key to reduce usage of hard disk and your battery life.

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