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Jul 13, 2010

Do It Yourself - Bootable Windows 7 Flashdrive

Want to format your PC and then you remember that you have lost your Windows 7 disk or you find out that it’s all scratched and does not work at all. What will you do then? Buy another disk or get it from your friend? Why not make a Win7 bootable flash drive for the times just like these. Installing Windows 7 takes much less time while booting from a flash drive than the DVD and also you don’t have to worry about scratches. Bootable flash drive is also handy if you have a netbooks as most of them do not have a Optical drive.
With little effort you can create your own bootable Windows 7 flash drive in few minutes. Here is the step by step guide to do the same:
1.       Format the flash drive/pen drive in NTFS format: Connect your flash drive and format it in NTFS format as Windows 7 setup can only be booted from an NTFS drive.
2.       Run the command prompt as an administrator: It is important as Administrator privilege is needed to directly write in a flash drive.
3.       Type ‘diskpart’ and press enter: Diskpart is a powerful disk partition tool included with Windows and this is our main tool in our work.
4.       Type ‘list volume’ and press enter: This command will list all the volumes in your system even the reserved and hidden ones.
5.       Type ‘select volume and press enter: This will select the flash drive’s volume to be written.
6.       Type ‘active’ and press enter: This command will set the flash drive as active without which it can’t be booted.
7.       Now exit from the diskpart by typing ‘exit’ but not from the command prompt.
8.       Insert the Windows 7 disk.
9.       Now in the command prompt navigate to the “boot” folder/directory of the disk.
10.   Type ‘bootsect.exe/n60 and enter: This will transfer the boot sector to the flash drive so it becomes bootable.
11.   Copy files from disk to flash drive: Just copy all the files from the disk to the flash drive to complete the process.
12.   Now your flash drive is ready to run

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  1. its a helpful one but sure is illegal, you just need to keep it low and at home

  2. yes its kind of illegal if done with earning motives but I have posted this so that we will not have problems searching for a disk when you need it. and also it is just for home use......:)

  3. Hey I had tried this 2 weeks ago and it works properly. Thanks for this article.

  4. You're welcome, Marcos. Glad to know that it was useful to you.

  5. nice article, will try it for sure

  6. I think this is one of the best technologies I have seen; you can put this bootable Windows 7 USB in your pocket every time. I’d definitely buy this one in the future but hopefully it will not be expensive.