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Aug 14, 2010

Review of Gamebooster

Gamebooster is software developed by IObit and is available as free download for Windows. It optimizes the performances of the PC by shutting down all the unnecessary processes and gives your PC a boost that it needs to run smoothly.

1. Setup file size: 1.22 MB
2. Current version: 1.51
3. Developer: IObit
5. OS compatibility: Windows 7, Vista, XP


The user interface of Gamebooster is simple to use without any complicated menus and buttons. It has two tabs, Main tab for shutting processes and Defrag tab for defragging games. This neat looking interface has a big button to switch modes [Game/Normal] which does the work of shutting down processes and vice-versa. 

Gamebooster as the name suggest is primarily used for running games smoothly by shutting down unwanted processes that run on background in your PC. It also defrags your games so that they can get a performance boost. You can also configure which processes you want to stop or not.  Even though it closes these processes, it does not hamper your PC nor does it disables your anti-virus software. However this may concern novice users and we feel that they should have provided information on processes that it closes down. We tested Gamebooster with some games like GTAIV, FIFA 10 and Microsoft Flight Simulator X and found that it does pretty good job. We saw some rise in FPS in these games though the rise was not very high. You can see increase in 2-5 FPS after switching to gaming mode in Gamebooster. It’s not a huge increment but effective for those who want to enjoy games in old systems. Game Defrag was not very useful as we could not find any games that needed defragging. One point that needs a mention is that Gamebooster is not only useful for games but can increase your overall PC experience. Also it is very good for laptops and notebooks as it increases there battery life by shutting unwanted resource hogging processes. 

Plus Point: 
1. Easy to use interface with neat design.
2. Speeds up your games and PC in overall.
3. Provides better stability for games
4. Very good option for old and slow systems.
5. Increases your notebook, laptops’ battery life.

1. Not effective while using with a powerful PC.
2. Limited options for configuring settings.
3. Game defrag didn’t work properly.
4.     No help files which explains what each process does

It’s good software with good interface and functionalities but could have been better. They should work on adding little more options for configuring and also make Game Defrag better. It is great for those who runs old and slow system as it increases their overall PC performance. It’s also recommended for notebook users as it also acts as great battery utility. For those who want high gaming experience go for system overhaul or at least GPU upgrade. Gamebooster is not for you. For all others, give it a try. Download Gamebooster 


  1. a wonderful software and review

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