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Sep 13, 2010

Do It Yourself - Bootable Linux Flashdrive

In my earlier post I had posted an article on "Bootable Windows 7 Flashdrive". This time I will give an idea on how to make a persistent(i.e. all your data including desktop settings will remain intact) Linux flash drive. Booting from Linux is great but its better if you can carry your whole Operating System with you. This insures that you are always secure from malicious objects and also add that little personal touch wherever you go.


  1. i hope everyone will find it helpful

  2. not a big fan of Linux. but I'll give a try to this one

  3. nice post saurav!
    1. Black over white reminds me school life and is hurting my eyes. :P
    2. Also suggest you to give short interest in Plop Boot manager which will be a great help for those who doesn't have boot from USB feature.

  4. @HackTweak, thanks for your comments and suggestions. Changes to the blog will be made gradually.